29 September 2020


In the Media Statement of 11 September 2020, the Chairperson, Mr Terry Martin SC, set out the reasons why public hearings in relation to Grosvenor mine had to be adjourned to next year.

It was also noted that the only evidence likely to be called at this stage would be expert evidence in relation to the prospect of introducing a practice of continuous inertisation of active goafs in Queensland mines.

Experts have been approached to give written opinions in respect of a series of questions on this topic. That opinion evidence is not yet available.
In the circumstances, this topic will be the subject of inquiry next year.

Responding to the Board’s request, both Anglo American and Glencore readily facilitated site visits to mines, the subject of inquiry, for the Board and members of the Inquiry team. The Board is grateful for this assistance. The site visits will take place next month.

The Board is currently writing Part I of the Inquiry Report. This document will comprise a substantial part of the total report. It will be provided to the Minister by 30 November 2020.

The Board of Inquiry will continue to work in preparation for any hearings next year.

The current plan for hearings is that, if public hearings are required to address the practice of continuous inertisation of active goafs, the hearings could be held in February 2021, with public hearings in relation to the Grosvenor mine commencing mid-March 2021.

Part II of the Report will then be provided to the Minister by 31 May 2021.

Contact: Megan Lutz